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Continuous running of time

Continuous Running of Time Under Limitation Act, 1908 (Act IX of 1908)

What is Meant by Continuous Running of Time? Sec 9 of Limitation ActINTRODUCTION: Under Limitation Act 1908, where once time has begun to run, it runs continuously and without any break until the entire prescribed period has run out and no disability to sue occurring Subsequently to the commencement will stop it running.  BASIS OF SECTION 9 OF LIMITATION ACT:
This section is founded on the general principle that when once limitation has commenced to run, it will continue to do so unless it is stopped by virtue of any express statutory provisions. 
"Where one time has begun to run. no subsequent disability or inability to  sue can stop it " 
(i) Time Has Begun to Run: Generally, the time begins to run when the cause of action accrues and the true test to determine when the cause of action has accrued is to ascertai…

Periodical Record of Rights

Periodical Record of Rights Under Land Revenue Act 1967 Discuss periodical record of rights:Introduction: 
Periodical record of rights is revised edition of the record of rights. it is prepared by Patwari after every four years under the order of the collector. it provides up to date information and contains all the changes which have taken place in a estate.
Relevant provisions:  Sections 41, 42, 43 land revenue act 1967.  Periodical records of rights:  (i) The collector shall cause to be prepared by the Patwari of each estate periodically, as the board of revenue may direct, an edition of any records of rights amended in accordance with the provision of this chapter.  (ii) Such edition of the records of rights shall be called periodical record for estate, and shall comprise the statement mentioned in clause (a) of sub- section (2) of section, 39, and such other document, if any, as may be prescribed.  (iii) For the preparation of periodicals the collector shall cause to be maintained…